Why to invest in the italian fintech sector?

Compared to Italy’s 10-12% weight on EU, Italian fintechs represent only 6% of EU fintechs, but the trend is reversing as the Italian ecosystem develops.

Although the Italian fintech market is underinvested (€1bn in 2022), it is growing faster than the rest of the world (CAGR 59% vs. CAGR 14%).​

Invested amounts for different regions (2016-2022).

Venture Capital Italian Investments by sector (2022).

The fintech market is one of the most financed sectors in the world, growing fast and still offering significant opportunities​.

Venture Capital investments in the Italian Fintech sector accounted for 44% of the total investments in Italy (as at the end of 2022).

Venture Capital Italian Investments by sector (2022).

At a global level there are 330 Fintech Unicorns for a total valuation of $1,601bn. Only 2 are Italian.

Italy is expected to become one of the most interesting growth story in EU, just by closing the Fintech market size gap.

The Italian fintech market is a “greenfield” that can grow 10x due to low number and quality of startups.

Funding in fintech in Italy (2016-2022) in millions in EU.

Why to invest in a startup studio?

The competitive advantages of startup studios allow for higher returns with lower risk.

Expected returns in startups (multiple on capital invested).

Funding in fintech in Italy (2016-2022) in millions in EU.

Finnovaction as a Fintech Startup Studio owns the industrial method to develop NewCos (original ideas, expertise, validation process, partners). To reduce the market risk of the initiatives, Finnovaction is planning to partner with selected innovative Financial Institutions.

Benefits for innovative startups

Finnovaction is an “innovative startup”, which means that its investors have the full fiscal benefits according to the Italian fiscal regime.​

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