Invest in Finnovaction

The investment ideas on which our fintech startup studio focuses on are deeply analyzed considering the main market trends, the needs of customers and partners, and the business intuition acquired in decades of experience of our team of banking industry experts.

Leveraging the expertise of our venture team and our analytical, design, and benchmarking capabilities, Finnovaction can enhance the business and operational models of projects with the greatest potential. We engage pilot customers in a co-design process, guiding projects from conceptualization to market entry. Our ultimate objective is to initiate the liquidation of our portfolio by 2030.

Our investment areas

Exploring a diverse range of investment areas, Finnovaction strategically delves into dynamic sectors that hold promising opportunities for innovation and growth.

Our factory model

Finnovaction employs a risk-mitigation strategy by diversifying investments across three key fintech sectors (B2C, B2B2C, and B2B) and a meticulously designed business model based on international best practices.

Benefits of investing

By investing in Finnovaction, investors can profit from three extremely favorable conditions: market attractiveness, prudent valuation and fiscal incentives.

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