Business factory model

Finnovaction adopts a methodology grounded in international best practices to foster the creation of startups, ensuring a solid foundation for success. Our proven process unfolds over an average launch timeline of 6 to 9 months per startup.

This systematic approach allows for a thorough examination of every aspect of a potential startup, empowering us to make well-informed decisions and navigate challenges based on evidence and data. Throughout the journey, we incorporate four pivotal go/no-go checkpoints strategically placed to serve as key milestones. These checkpoints act as rigorous evaluations of the viability and potential of each idea, embracing a proactive risk management strategy. This ensures that only the most promising concepts progress, preserving our focus, resources, and, ultimately, the interests of our partners and stakeholders.

From ideation to execution, Finnovaction operates at the crossroads of creativity, analysis, and strategy. Our commitment lies in fostering innovation that not only aligns with fintech trends but also withstands the test of time, making a substantial impact on the financial services landscape.


This marks the inception of every startup journey.
Our team of analysts delves into market
exploration, sparking the flames of innovation.
We not only generate ideas but also draw
inspiration from industry luminaries, shaping novel
concepts in the dynamic fintech landscape.
This initial phase lays the foundation for potentially
transformative ventures that challenge and
redefine industry norms.


In the crucial phase of candidate selection,
Finnovaction Factory employs a meticulous
evaluation process. Each idea undergoes a comprehensive assessment, with scores assigned based on various factors. This discerning approach ensures that only the most promising concepts move forward, fostering a focused and effective progression.


The success of our startups revolves around user-centric innovation. Through in-depth interviews, surveys, and collaborative co-creation sessions, we actively engage with our target audience. This immersive approach not only identifies problems but also ensures that our solutions seamlessly align with user needs, establishing a deeper connection with our audience.


Once a problem is validated, we move on to
defining a solution. This phase involves
meticulous planning of every aspect of our
roduct-to-be, from design to delivery. It’s not
just aboutfeasibility; it’s about crafting solutions
that meet our target expectations, paving the
way for startups capable of solving real
problems at scale.


We evaluate the potential of our startups through
comprehensive market analysis. Delving into
existing solutions, business models, and value
propositions, we meticulously craft business plans. This foundational step guides strategic decision-making, laying the groundwork for a startup poised for success in a competitive landscape.


This represents the final step in our validation journey. We create assets for the startup and launch targeted commercial campaigns. Through meticulous testing and iterations, we ensure that our solutions resonate with the intended audience, validating initial buying intents. This iterative approach refines and hones our offerings for optimum market fit.


We unleash our startup to the market by
developing and distributing the first version of
its product. As we gracefully transition into the
background, our focus shifts to staffing the
startup team.

This strategic transition ensures a seamless
shift from the innovative creation phase to the
sustained success of the startup live in the

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