The first fintech startup studio in Italy

Finnovaction is the first italian startup studio with a focus on financial services. Our mission is to create successful fintech startups in the Italian market and scale them up to the European level in order to:

  • Contribute to Italy’s growth, creating qualified jobs through the launch of successful fintech.
  • Reward our investors by aiming for significant performance (5-10x), liquidating portfolio holdings by 2030.
  • Contribute to making ESG principles a tangible reality within the Fintech sector.

What is a startup studio?

A startup studio is a startup specialized in creating other startups: a company that systematically builds new successful businesses based on inovative ideas using shared resources.

The startup studio model allows to accelerate the process that startups go through from pre-seed to market entry, reducing the risks of failure and increasing the quality of the results.

Advantages of a startup studio

The structure of a sturtup studio is composed of experienced founders, a dedicated team of professionals and subject matter experts who deliver specific knowledge to each project. This gives startup studios many competitive advantages over traditionally created startups, both for entrepreneurs and investors.

Our areas of competence

Our fintech startup studio stands out from the unique experience of its team, its focus on the fintech sector and its ability to create innovative and sustainable startups.

Our areas of expertise

Finnovaction invests in innovative solutions for high-potential challenges in retail banking and insurance. The company not only invests in its own ideas but also collaborates with partners by creating joint ventures and corporate spin-offs. Corporate ventures are indeed one of the main ways to reduce risks and capital requirements of expansion and innovation.

In addition we collaborate with selected founders (experienced serial entrepreneurs, young professionals, students, etc.), fostering original projects and cross-industry initiatives.

Our areas of expertise

Do you have a business idea?

In Finnovaction we‘d be glad to hear it.