Italian Startup Studio

The Business Factory Model in a startup studio is a structured approach that fosters the creation and growth of multiple startups within a single ecosystem. This model emphasizes collaboration, resource-sharing, and a diverse portfolio to enhance the success rate of startups. Unlike traditional VCs that support individual startups, startup studios like Finnovaction take a studio-like approach where entrepreneurial teams collaborate under one roof.  


Key features of the Business Factory Model include:  

  • Experienced team: A core team of seasoned entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry experts initiates, validates, and executes startup ideas.  
  • Centralized Infrastructure: Startup studios provide shared resources such as office space, legal assistance, accounting services, and access to investor and mentor networks to accelerate the development process.  
  • Collaboration and synergy: Emphasis on fostering collaboration and synergy among startups in the studio’s portfolio to share insights, best practices, and lessons learned.  
  • Scaling and portfolio management: Startups within the studio receive additional support and investment as they progress, accelerating their growth trajectory. The portfolio-based approach helps spread risk across multiple ventures  


Our startup creation process:

As said before, the Business Factory Model enables startup studios like Finnovaction to create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures the growth and success of multiple ventures simultaneously. Now it is time to go on an insightful journey into our startup creation process employed, providing a behind-the-scenes look at how innovative ideas transform into impactful ventures. 

1. Ideas generation: Igniting the spark of innovation

Every startup journey begins with the spark of a revolutionary idea. Finnovaction Factory’s analysts meticulously investigate the fintech market, sourcing inspiration and generating ideas that have the potential to redefine industry standards. What sets this phase apart is the openness to ideas from prominent figures in the industry, creating a collaborative and diverse pool of transformative ventures.

2. Candidate selection: Meticulous evaluation for promising concepts

In this critical phase, Finnovaction Factory employs a meticulous evaluation process. Each idea undergoes a comprehensive assessment, with scores assigned based on multiple factors. This discerning approach ensures that only the most promising concepts move forward, safeguarding focus, resources, and the interests of partners and stakeholders.

3. Target analysis: Engaging with the audience for user-centric innovation

User-centric innovation is at the core of Finnovaction Factory’s success. Through in-depth interviews, surveys, and collaborative co-creation sessions, the studio engages with its target audience. This immersive approach not only identifies problems but also ensures that solutions align seamlessly with user needs, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

4. Scope definition: Crafting solutions for weal-world problems

Validating a problem marks the transition to defining a solution. Finnovaction Factory meticulously plans every facet of its product-to-be, from design to delivery. This phase is not just about feasibility; it’s about crafting solutions that meet target expectations, paving the way for startups that can solve real problems at scale.

5. Market analysis: Guiding strategic decision-making

A comprehensive market analysis is the foundation of Finnovaction Factory’s startup creation process. The studio delves into existing solutions, evaluates value propositions, and meticulously crafts business plans. This foundational step guides strategic decision-making, laying the groundwork for a startup poised for success in a competitive landscape.

6. Market Test: The final step in validation journey

The journey culminates in the market test, where Finnovaction’s Business Factory launches targeted commercial campaigns for the startup. Meticulous testing and iterations ensure that solutions resonate with the intended audience, validating initial buying intents. This iterative approach refines and hones offerings for optimum market fit.

7. MVP Release: Unleashing Startup to the Market

Finally, Finnovaction Factory unleashes the startup to the market, developing and distributing the first version of its product. As the studio gracefully fades into the background, the focus shifts to staffing the startup team, ensuring a seamless transition from the innovative creation phase to the sustained success of the startup live in the market. 

As we unveil the intricate layers of Finnovaction’s Business Factory, we invite you to join us on this journey. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an industry expert, or a potential collaborator intrigued by the possibilities within our ecosystem, connect with our team.