Finnovaction is officially in the market. The startup studio is dedicated to the financial services sector, with the goal of creating fintech startups capable of scaling at a European level. Finnovaction has emerged from the experiences of Carlo Giugovaz and Marco Berini, serial entrepreneurs with years of experience in the startup sector. 

Milan, 11/28/2023 – Finnovaction announces its official launch today. The startup studio was founded by Carlo Giugovaz and Marco Berini, entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the banking sector, and is dedicated to creating innovative startups in the fintech industry. Finnovaction will focus on companies whose offerings aim to innovate the financial world’s services through new technologies and have the potential to scale at a European level. 

Finnovaction is an Italian asset open to companies and young talents in the country: on one hand, it can collaborate with companies operating in financial services as an innovation laboratory, and on the other, it is available to young talents looking to specialize and invest their careers in fintech. The company is headquartered at Polihub in Milan, the Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator of the Polytechnic University of Milan, one of the world’s leading universities in creating innovative startups. 

“We are excited to launch Finnovaction”, said Carlo Giugovaz, CEO, and co-founder. “We believe that the Italian fintech market offers great growth opportunities, and we want to contribute to creating successful fintech startups that can have a positive impact on our country.” 

Finnovaction is already working on its first projects, announced during the annual Assofintech event, a conference held as part of the Call Tech Action Week (an event endorsed by the city hall of Milan). The work plan is based on a seven-year cycle, and by 2030, it envisions the creation and development of 10 startups (to be followed from birth to exit). Four projects are already under study, focusing on the real estate sector, credit intermediaries, AI technologies applied to finance, and guidance and funding for studies. 

The lattest is Progetto Studenti, supporting young people and families in accessing university education and improving access to higher education, thanks to the role of banks. 

Finnovaction will focus on the very early stages of its startups, from the pre-seed stage to market entry, allowing its investors a potentially much higher ROI compared to investments in more established companies. 

Finnovaction’s working methodology is inspired by the best international practices. Finnovaction offers investors the opportunity to participate in the growth of the Italian fintech market, which was valued at around 882 million euros in 2022 (according to the fifth PwC Fintech Observatory) and is expected to continue growing at a sustained pace in the years to come. 

In particular, Finnovaction stands out for a series of competitive advantages, including: 

  • High focus on the fintech sector: Finnovaction’s founders have extensive experience in the financial technology sector, gained in prominent roles in some of the leading Italian and international fintech companies. 
  • A team of experts with complementary skills, covering all key areas for the creation and development of successful fintech companies. 
  • Access to a network of partners and investors that can support startups in its portfolio in their growth journey. 

“Our goal is to offer investors the opportunity to participate in the growth of the Italian fintech market,” added Marco Berini, co-founder. “We believe that our skills and network allow us to create successful fintech startups with high potential for return on investment”. 

What is a startup studio? 

Startup studios are generators of new businesses. Thanks to infrastructure and resources, startup studios work to develop ideas, build teams, and launch new companies, thereby increasing the chances of success. The studio’s goal is to create a portfolio of sustainable and successful startups that will evolve into independent companies. The advantages of this model include investors viewing startup studios as an asset class and approaching the startup world with a new diversification strategy; companies that can become industry partners of the studio; and aspiring founders who can create their enterprise in a controlled environment. 


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